With Lawyapp you can

You are great at your practice, We help you to make it much better


Clients Management

The easiest way to organise your client information.

  • Store all the clients information in a single system.
  • Maintain a seperate client profile for each client.
  • Associate cases with client profiles.
  • In a single click you can view the client information, his contact details and the case information associated with him.


Case management

    Case management feature lets you to import case details form the court websites and store them here.
  • You can add notes and make changes to the details easily.
  • You can check the case status, hearing dates, hearing details.
  • Maintain complete information about the clients related to each case.
  • You can also add the court information, petitioners and respondents information.
  • So say good bye to all the papers and files you need to store all this information.


Move your practice from paper to productivity



    Generally a lawyer's day at work starts with checking the long cause-list.
  • Forget about the long and confusing cause-lists, we made it simple for you.
  • Lawyapp delivers you personalised cause-list on the before day so you can schedule better.
  • This helps you to have a little extra time which can be used to do more important tasks.



    It is said that a good plan today is always better than the perfect plan tommorow.
  • Lawyapp's calendar helps you to plan everything in advance.
  • You can view all your past and upcoming cases in a moment.
  • Calendar is color coded to differentiate the cause-list,bussiness dates and upcoming bussiness dates.


Stay Synced

Lawyapp lets you experience the comfort of working from any device. Lawyapp comes both as a web application and android app. The changes you make in one device is immediately synced with your other internet enabled devices. Mobile app also gives you the ability to work Offline. So you can work from anywhere, anytime even without the internet connection.