A lawyer will always worry about his information security whether it is in a paper or in a digital format. Worrying doesnt help you...but Lawyapp does. Here's why you should trust Lawyapp to digitalize and secure your information.

We assure you that utmost precausions are taken to protect your personal information. We follow industry best practices to make sure your information is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. We know that as a lawyer you care deeply about your privacy and data security. Lawyapp is built without compromising on security. All your information is secured by 256-Bit SSL certificate by COMODO. Your information is stored and backed up in Amazon web servers(AWS) which provides world class encryption and enterprise level security. Our network security team helps protect your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks. The following is a division of our network security practices.

Client Data Access - Accessing data center information as well as customer data is done on an as-needed only basis, and only when approved by the customer (i.e. as part of a support incident), or by senior security management to provide support and maintenance. Data Access - Only employees with the highest clearance have access to our database. Employee access is logged and passwords are strictly regulated. We limit access to customer data to only a select few of these employees who need such access to provide support and troubleshooting on our customers' behalf.

Lawyapp will comply with strict security rules. Now you have no reason to worry about your data security, leave it to us and focus more on practicing.